Welcome to the Order of the Krigers

Book 1: RISE

“This book feeds my need for dangerous assassins and powerful women.” –Maria V. Snyder, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Study Series

Rise Final eBook Cover March 3 2016

The people of Nelebek live in fear and persecution. The ruler, Morlet Forseve, reigns with dark magic. The kingdom’s only hope lies with the Order of the Krigers—twelve warriors with mysterious powers linked to magical weapons. For over a century, Morlet has been annihilating the Order. Eleven Krigers have been hunted down, tortured, and imprisoned in the dungeon. Only one remains.

Sixteen-year-old Kaia knows how to survive in a land filled with despair—keep her head down and never attract attention. On an errand one day for her sick father, she finds herself in the middle of a public execution where the mysterious and fearsome Morlet is in attendance. Feeling an odd compulsion she can’t resist, Kaia looks into his eyes.

At that moment, everything changes as Kaia realizes she is the twelfth Kriger. And Morlet will stop at nothing to capture her.

Kaia’s only chance of evading him is with the unforeseen help of a formidable assassin and his infuriating companion. The two friends help Kaia learn to control her newfound power so she can attempt to rescue her fellow Krigers and defeat Morlet. On the run and faced with a destiny she doesn’t fully understand, Kaia begins to uncover a past rooted in deception, leading to a present strewn with lies. If she is going to stand a chance of lifting the darkness and saving the kingdom of Nelebek, Kaia must decide who—and what—she is willing to fight for.


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14269336_10207631544810175_706758619_nThe Order of the Krigers has risen.

Determined to destroy the Order, the vicious king, Morlet, scours the land, searching for the Krigers. He burns entire villages, hoping to flush out the twelve chosen ones.

He has other plans for Kaia.

In order to end the curse, Kaia must conceive a child before the Krigers can kill Morlet. However, she doesn’t know if the father is supposed to be her fiancé, Vidar, or his brother, the evil king. In order to find the answer, she journeys to the other side of the mountains with Anders. Stifling her growing feelings for the assassin, Kaia unearths secrets that force her to reevaluate her cause. Can she sacrifice so much of herself to save the kingdom of Nelebek? Can she kill Morlet when she is starting to understand and even sympathize with him? And is there really any choice at all, especially when it comes to matters of the heart?

Kaia learns each choice comes with a price, passion can rival hatred, and an evil looms on the horizon, more sinister than she ever imagined.


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The third and final book in the Order of the Krigers series entitled CONQUERING FATE will be available February 2018.

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