Sword of Desire (Reigning Kingdoms, Book 2)

Sword of Desire is taking me a lot longer to write than I’d intended. I find it hard to focus when my three teens and husband aren’t at school/work full-time due to the pandemic. Trying to write with five people and two dogs in the house is proving to be rather challenging. I’m hoping that things will return to normal soon! Not that I haven’t loved having more time with my family this past year, but I am ready to get more writing done!

There are a couple of things I want to share regarding Sword of Desire. First, this is a duo. Meaning there are only two books in the series. Second, there will be some characters from my other series that make an appearance in this book. For those of you taking the time to read this, if you want to know who, read the next sentence. If you don’t, skip the rest of this paragraph! ((It’s Rema, Audek, and Vesha!)) And maybe one or two others. You’ll have to read the book to discover everyone. The point is, I love bringing back some favorite characters and incorporating them into this story.

Also, this book will be available in paperback closer to the release date. Since I’m still working on the book, I don’t have an exact page count (which is needed for the paperback cover).

Here’s the synopsis:

Ackley has three goals—kill the traitorous king, put Owen on the throne, and reunite with Harley.

Ackley’s tasks should be simple since he’s trained his entire life for this. However, with so many Marsden soldiers depending on him to make it home alive, his obligations weigh him down. Now that the woman he loves is in the hands of his enemy, the temptation to drop everything and rescue her is pitted against trusting—and hoping—that Harley is exactly the woman he thinks she is.

Harley finds herself kidnapped and in the clutches of her abusive husband—a man she never thought she’d see again. Embedded with the enemy, she strives to make the most of this unique opportunity, but she has the growing suspicion her husband might already be two steps ahead of her. When survival clashes with what she desires most, sacrifices must be made.

In this stunning conclusion, lies are spun, hearts are guarded, and allies are found in the most unlikely places.