Evil Lurks Beneath

Upon a deathbed, a secret is whispered—breathing life into a long dormant evil.

Mabel finds herself locked in the kingdom’s legendary dungeon—not for a crime she committed, but simply for existing. When she manages to escape, she comes face-to-face with the man sent to kill her, righting a wrong committed twenty-one years ago. 

When Declan discovers something from his father’s past, he realizes it has the power to destroy the kingdom of Valdis. As the Crown Prince, he has an obligation to protect his people. Suddenly torn between duty, family, love, and loyalty, he must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice for what is right. 

Brielle has always enjoyed living a quiet life at home with her books, despite being the daughter of the duke of Miervades. However, when the king and prince arrive unexpectedly at her father’s doorstep demanding back taxes, a bargain is made, leaving her as the insurance. Finding herself engaged to the Crown Prince Declan, Brielle is thrust into a world she knows little about. 

One kingdom. Three people. And a secret big enough to destroy it all.

Evil Lurks Beneath is a stand-alone novel.