Next Book!

I’m thrilled to announce the title of my next book: Oath of Deception. It is technically the fourth book in my Reign of Secrets series. However, it is more of a companion novel because it is told from Savenek’s point of view rather than Allyssa’s. When I originally sat down to write this series, I intended for the books to be from Allyssa and Savenek’s POV (like the Rema and Darmik books). However, I couldn’t figure out how to make this work in a cohesive way. What I decided to do instead was write Allyssa’s story first. Then I planned to go …

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Newsletter Subscribers Lost!

Due to an unforeseen technical glitch, I’ve lost all of my newsletter subscribers. As much as this pains me, at least I was able to rebuild my website. If you signed up for my newsletter PRIOR to January 20, 2018, please take a moment to sign up again. I only send out 3-4 newsletters a year in which I share exclusive content and information about my books. As a thank you for taking the time to sign up (again), my next newsletter–coming February 2018–will reveal the title and cover for my next book–Savenek’s story (Reign of Secrets, Book 4). You can sign up:  HERE.  Thank you!

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